AetherSX2 For Windows ARM64

This page contains AetherSX2 releases for Windows-on-ARM (ARM64).

IT WILL NOT RUN ON YOUR NORMAL INTEL/AMD WINDOWS COMPUTER. If you do not have an ARM device, do not download it and complain that it doesn't work. Windows ARM devices include Lenovo X13s, Surface Pro X, Project Volterra, etc.

You will need the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime. You can download this from . In particular, you likely want the x64 runtime (which includes both ARM64 and x64):

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract to a subdirectory (the zip does not contain a root directory).
  3. Run aethersx2arm64.exe.
  4. Add your BIOS image to the bios/ directory, or change the BIOS path in settings.
  5. Add a directory from the settings menu to scan for games. Don't select your home directory or the root of any external volumes, it'll take forever. Pick the directory with your game dumps.
  6. Launch game and enjoy.

Known Issues

None at this time.

Default Keyboard bindings

You can change these in settings.

  • Left Stick: WASD
  • Right Stick: TFGH
  • Triangle/Circle/Cross/Square: IJKL
  • Start: Enter
  • Select: Backspace
  • L1/R1: Q/E
  • L2/R2: 1/3
  • L3/R3: 2/4
  • Save States: F1 to load, F2 to select slot, F3 to save.
  • Toggle Frame Limit: F4
  • Toggle Software Renderer: F9
  • Open Pause Menu: Escape